Some doctors say that 1 in 3 consultations are for anxiety. Whether its mild to acute anxiety/panic attacks/General anxiety . It could be money worries,learnt behaviour,early life trauma or the cause is just unknown. There are many people who suffer from panic attacks/stress/General anxiety.These attacks can mimic even the symptoms of a heart attack. This is how stressful a panic attack can seem to a sufferer. Anxiety, whether its general anxiety or panic attacks manifest itself in physical symptoms. Hypnosis helps you get to the root cause in order to stop the physical symptoms. Therapy of any kind is about understanding negative behavioural patterns, thoughts and changing them to positive patterns. This is the same for hypnosis In trance. I help the client access the subconscious and weed out negative beliefs/behaviours.Many clients access very deep states of relaxation during trance.This is so useful for treating anxiety.Encouraging the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in more.Hypnosis is particularity great for helping clients with anxiety to feel calm.This is so important for anxiety sufferers.Helping them to release their minds/body’s own natural antidepressant.

Modern positive solution focused therapy believes in brief therapy, spending 4 to 8 weeks in general.“Often 4 sessions is enough.I really passionately believe in the power of hypnosis to facilitate positive long lasting change.

Hypnosis is a state.What we do in trance is the therapy.So hypnotherapy is similar to other forms of psychotherapy,and use some of the same techniques.Hypnosis is often called “focused attention”.So in trance you don’t lose gain control.In trance you will feel fully aware.It is not like what you see in a stage show.

We have great ability for change,even if we don’t always know it. Neuroplasticity the science of how we can retrain our brains.

Sometimes watching clients going into deep trance reminds me how children nap.I was watching one of my friends 7 yr old child run around full of energy.Then he decides to take take a 10 min nap.Bang down he goes ,so quick,so deep.His body falls slightly forward as he sits on the sofa.Really looks like trance to me.Then wakes so refreshed and full of energy.I think we all kinda remember doing this.Helping clients with Anxiety to RELAX is the first thing I help them to do.So maybe it’s just reactivating the ability we already had as children.To just let go and RELAX.

You don’t lose control in trance,in fact you will be fully aware.Actually your concentration increases.Hypnosis is often called focused attention.


Hypnosis is designed to help you move through a depressive state.It can act like a natural antidepressant,except without any side effects.My method is to help a client to FEEL better,before doing any serious analysis.It can help you get in touch with your inner belief.Of course everyone responds differently.Some clients it takes one session,some 3,some 4.Some clients it’s just not for them.But for the vast majority they get results.Hypnosis can help create a pathway to your subconscious.Where you can identify and change any negative programmes that are at the root of your issue.Hypnosis helps achieve this.So hypnotherapy is similar to other forms of Psychotherapy.

We have great ability for change,even if we don’t always know it. Neuroplasticity the science of how we can retrain our brains.


Hypnosis can be very effective for desensitising your body and mind from traumatic memories and feelings. Our amygdala can store these traumatic feeling and memories from the past as if it is still happening. Using active psychotherapy/hypnotherapy techniques to get the amygdala to let go and put those trauma feeling into the past. Talking can be very helpful, but often not enough on its own. These feelings are trapped, frozen in our reptilian brains. Logic doesn’t really work here, its the emotional brain we need to work with.So I use psycho-sensory techniques to help you reprogramed these feelings combined with elements of talk therapy and CBT.


Hypnosis can really help reduce tinnitus.It’s is not a cure rather a treatment. I suffer from Tinnitus myself and it was one of the things I worked on when I was studying hypnotherapy. I now can say hand on heart that I rarely hear ringing. In-fact once asked about my Tinnitus, I replied that I had forgotten about it. It’s a bit like when we are looking for our car keys, they are in front of us but we cant see them. This is called a negative hallucination.Sometimes were so busy we don’t notice the car alarm going off outside.Our brain has an natural ability to tune out what it doesn’t need. Hypnosis aims to help you ignore your Tinnitus.

It still amazes me how clients respond differently.Some clients,the high responders I call them.Actually see reduction during the first session.Other clients its cumulative.They feel more relaxed about their tinnitus first.Sometimes it can take from 2 to 8 weeks to finally tune out the tinnitus.I don’t mean they have to go to therapy that long.But rather doing simple short self- hypnosis at home.So the trick is not to lose faith.Easy to say I know.But when you tune out the tinnitus,its so worth it.The self- hypnosis is 90% relaxation,so its nice/beneficial to do anyway.This makes it easier of course to keep doing the self- hypnosis.


Sleep disorder is a very common complaint heard in the doctor’s surgery. Hypnosis is a close relative to sleep and is designed to improve your sleeping patterns. Often our minds are busy when we are in bed. Maybe we are over stimulated. I believe we can learn to change this habit. By Calming are thoughts at a subconscious level. Taking charge of our behaviours.Sometimes we have worries on our mind.Often have clients where worries are the real issue,not the insomnia.


Hypnosis can be such an effective way to access feelings of confidence.Also get beneath the surface to identify what negative subconscious programmes are sabotaging your life.Even people who are high achievers in life,can still have feelings of low self-esteem .Some people believe that they have never felt confidence.I do really believe we all have the answer within us.


Hypnosis can help you relax,reduce adrenaline levels when undergoing IVF. Hypnotherapy can help you increase your immune system.Stress reduces the secretion of oestrogen.Hypnosis encourages deep states of relaxation.Controlling the adrenaline dump.Which is very important for successful outcome..Also visualisation and positive suggestions can be delivered to the subconscious.Helping create belief. Belief can also be very helpful component for success.


Many clincal studies have shown that hypnosis is very affective for treating the primary symptoms of IBS.Hypnosis helps you to get into a deep state of relaxtion where you can access the pathway to your subconscious.Here you can direct powerful suggestions into your subconscious to controll your gut.Remember your subconscious is the controll room of your mind and body.

Treating Teenagers

In the last 5 years I have been treating more and more teenagers for issues of Anxiety, stress, low self esteem. Sometimes these issues cause these young clients to miss a lot of school. Parents ask me “do I work with teenager, will hypnosis work for someone of that age” I do understand why they ask this. But in my experience Teenagers usually respond quicker than adults. The teenage years is a great time of neuro plasticity, the brains ability to change. They don’t have the same amount of baggage as an adult. Even though they are suffering they don’t have as much cynicism as us adults. A 15 year will often change their minds so often about their interests. This ability for change can be greatly utilised in therapy.Often the teenage client comes in with the attitude , I’m here to let go of this issue. They often seem to fully engage and respond to the techniques. Even if they’ve been traumatised , their belief in the ability for positive change is very strong. They often expect it to work. Even if they don’t show this at first. They have an incredible ability to create new neural pathways. Of course everyone responds at different rate, no one client is the same .In short the teenage years is a great time for positive change when pointed in the right direction.

Hypnosis helps to create a bridge to the subconscious.

Also Treat

General anxiety disorder ,PTSD , Blushing , confidence issues ,Nail biting,Fear of flying,Self esteem,Fear of heights, Assertiveness, public speaking fear,Arachnophobia,Agoraphobia, IVF,Exam stress, Needle phobia ,Fear of vomiting [emetophobia] ,IBS, Study focus,Driving test stress,can even help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s,All major fears & Phobias.

*Disclaimer.Every client responds differently,at a different rate.Hypnosis is not magic.I help you to help yourself.

*Please ring for Free phone consultation,with no obligation to book.Totally confidential & non-judgemental.

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The visualisations in this free relaxation audio help you to engage in your own healing.Its active rather than passive listening.Helping you to reprogram how you feel and think.Which can then influence your behaviour.Get in touch with the pharmacy in your own mind.

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