Stop Smoking

Stop Vaping

I believe hypnosis is an incredible powerful way to quit smoking and Vaping . I tailor the session to suit an individual client’s needs  . I have helped many clients quit . Why should you be any different . I give 100% effort to help my clients to stop smoking . I use hypnosis to identify the triggers for smoking , also get you to associate smoking with its negative effects . Also I teach clients to release a relax anchor . This helps replace the endorphins you got from smoking and vaping with your own bodies endorphins . Some will power may still be required.

I have treated clients who smoke 60 a day , clients who smoke 5 cigarettes a day , clients who smoke only whem they drink . The Hypnosis will help you identify the triggers and help you break them . The idea is to direct positive suggestions deep into your subconscious to break any association you have with smoking , to sell the benefits of stopping smoking . Financial and health . Also to help you with the physical withdraw symptoms . The rest will be up to you.

Ive been working with clients for over 15 years helping them to quit , face to face and online . Im a fully qualified , insured and memeber of the . Over the years I’ve found what really works and have put all my years of experience into my quit  smoking  and Vaping programe .

Please ring and we can have a chat with no obligation to book . Ger 086 7310053

NB Hypnosis will really increase your chances of stopping smoking . But it is still down to you . Hypnosis is not something that is done to you. rather its something you receive . It helps you to help yourself . Remember , what your mind has created your mind can undo .

Why nicotine patches sometimes don’t work.

Nicotine patches and gum definitely deal with the physical cravings. But not the psychological triggers. A cigarette after dinner, a smoker with a drink on Friday night. When we’re feeling stressed. So by identifying these triggers hypnosis helps you to create new healthy ones. And of course habits are hard to break, especially good ones.

Details of session

Smoking/Vaping cessation session lasts 1 and half hr’s approx. You will be fully aware.Hypnosis feels like a relaxed daydream state. I help the client to identify triggers and smoking patterns. Use visualisation and direct suggestions to work on reprogramming the subconscious.Putting a Stop sign into the back of your mind.

Clients when they come to me already want to stop consciously , they know all the reasons why the should stop. But the subconscious mind still feels ” I love a smoke with a coffee or drink” “Im stressed would love a smoke” “one wont hurt me” . In trance I would help you access the emotional part of your mind where these feelings are , to find ways to deal with stress without ciggs , to reward yourself without smokes. Taking cigarettes out of the equation . Smoking is just a habit . And habit that is created can be broken Most clients find the session, pleasant and relaxing.

At end of session you will be given a cd to listen to when the need arises.To reinforce everything you’ve learnt.

Will I gain weight.

Symptom substitution shouldn’t happen.That’s where one bad habit is replaced by another bad habit.Eating sweets to deal with cravings.The endorphin rush you got by smoking can be replaced by releasing your own endorphins using hypnosis.


You could have more energy and feel much better. Stopping smoking you are giving yourself a pay rise Cigarettes are so expensive. Think of the money you will save. The sense of achievement you will get can far out way any feeling smoking gave you. Stop smoking can dramatically reduce your risk of Heart Disease.Cancer. Disclaimer.Results may vary from person to person.


Two sessions 190 Euro Special offer Follow up session 70 Euros .Sometimes good idea to do booster session 4 -5 days after the first. To download stop smoking /Vaping Audio on Youtube follow link below.

Stop Smoking while you sleep

Some research on giving up cigarettes

A meta-­analysis, statistically combining results of more than 600 studies, 72,000 people from America to Europe compare various methods of quitting. On average Hypnosis was three times more effective as nicotine replacement and 15 times more effective as quitting alone. {Source; University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology}& NewScientist. Oct 1992 How 1 in five give up smoking by Robert Mathews. One session is usually enough. All you need is the desire to quit. It costs E190 for two session. Hypnosis is a safe way to stop smoking /Vaping.Without any side effects.