Weight Loss Program

Start Your WeightLoss NOW For 2024

I have been working with clients for over 15yrs to help them lose weight. Evething I’ve learnt I’ve put into my weighloss program. It will help you to lose weight and keep it off. Hypnotherspy helps you to create longterm change.

I will make a personal tailor made weight loss program for you. Customised hypnosis audio and short simple exercises to help you identify and break the old cycle.

Dieting will of course make you lose weight. But when the will power stops, the weight comes back. The old program kicks back in. Identifying and changing these old programmes is the secret to long lasting change. Hypnosis aims to help you identify triggers for bad eating habits, and replace them with new healthy habits. Comfort eating is often triggered by stress, boredom,or reward. As you find healthy ways to deal with these issues, this will help you to break the old habits. Train your subconscious mind to help you get the motivation to change you eating and exercise habits.

I have been helping clients to lose weight successfully for over 15 years. It’s the powerful changes you make in trance that facilitate change. Train your mind to stop eating when your full. Create longterm permanent change.

How good will you feel as you lose weight.? Will you get more energy,more confidence? Answering these questions can act as motivation for change. Sell the benefits to yourself. See the benefits in your mind.

How many sessions do I need ?

*Every person is different of course*. Some clients need more sessions,some need less. My aim is to help you achieve your goals in as few sessions as possible. It’s often 2-5 sessions.

How much will I lose.

Everyone is different of course. Depends where you start from. Long term weight loss is the goal. Slow steady weight loss can create more long-term results. As you identify and reprogram any subconscious association you have with food, then you should be on the road to long-term success. Of course exercise and diet are still necessary.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

What is the cost?

80 Euro per session.

Average amount of sessions 2-5 as everyone responds at their own rate .

What your mind has created your mind can undo.

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